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Stinchcombe is a true members club and welcomes all new members.

Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club welcomes new members and at present we do not have a waiting list.

With regular competitions, roll ups and social golf all new members become quickly integrated into the club.

All of our ‘sections’ Ladies, Mens, Seniors and Juniors are fully integrated with a full programme of events. Stinchcombe plays mixed matches home and away and are a popular way of making new friends whilst enjoying an afternoon’s golf.

Membership Costs 1st April 2024 until 31st March 2025. New members joining between these dates will have the rates prorated.

Full 7 day£960.00
5 Day£830.00
Foreign Resides 6 months abroad£600.00
Country ( resides 35 miles from SHGC£600.00
30 to 34 yrs on the 1st April£829.00
25 to 29 yrs on the 1st April£604.00
 22 to 24yrs on the 1st April£465.00
Colt 18-21 Year Old£200.00


Student (In full time education) 

Pathway to Golf






Junior 14-17 Year Old£50.00
Junior 10-13 Year Old£25.00
Junior 10 and under£0.00
Social£30 + VAT
*All Entrance Fees are currently suspended
All the above fees may be paid by monthly direct debit (annual contract) please contact the  General Manager for details.

County, National Fees and Insurance 


Under 12£18.00
Insurance £2.75

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